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DJ AK25 - Producer

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     In early 2006, I began my career in the music industry by buying my first piece of audio editing software and entered a remix competition.  I discovered that I really enjoyed working with audio and shortly after had decided to continue.  Soon I began to mix and sample my own music, which continued until mid 2009.  As my collection of editing software grew, I began to branch out and I started producing completely original content.  My first official single, released in 2011, was such a success that it caught the ear of a local solo artist and we collaborated over the re-release, featuring his vocals of the lyrics he wrote to go over my track.  Since then, I have been dabbling in vocal editing through various outlets (such as voice acting and podcasts) and hope to continue into the future.

     Even though I have been focusing on my solo career under the moniker DJ AK25, mixing electronic music, I offer my services in the editing of vocal works or remastering audio.  A prime example for this is if you are in a band and have the instruments recorded, but still need vocals incorporated.  Along with the numerous editing programs I own is a high quality microphone which can be used for the recording of voices, and am willing to travel to the surrounding areas for recording sessions.

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