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     As a person who grew up when the internet was birthed, I found it a fascinating place, the endless pages of anything you could possibly imagine or wish to find and seek out information for, not to mention all the message boards to keep you entertained for hours on end.  My interest in web design began when I was in junior high, dabbling in HTML code during my spare time just out of curiosity.  I was only 14 years old when I built my first website, dedicated to the 8-bit video games I was creating.  It wasn't until I was 17 when I took building websites seriously and decided to take a year long course, learning the basics of HTML and CSS, also finding my way around Photoshop and Adobe Flash at the same time.  By the end of the course, I had become certified in web design, the equivalent of taking two years of web design at any technical college.

  Since then, I have built and maintained 20+ sites, some being for friends, and others for clients.  I take web design very seriously and always do my best work possible to keep my clients happy with the sites for their business.  Making your website look professional is what I strive for, because any professional business deservers to be promoted as such in the digital age we now live in.

* Major Updates: Fees for continued maintenance on the website. These would be accumulated over time and would only count if work done is a full hour.

** Steady Updates: Fees for continued maintenance on the website. This payment option covers all work done on a website over the course of a calendar month.

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